About Online Sports Betting and Value Bets
When it comes to enjoying sports, there’s nothing that surpasses the excitement and enjoyment of watching a sport and knowing that you’ve a certain amount of money at stake! This can get you intensely involved in the game proceedings and you’re more likely to keep close track of every goal or touchdown, or whenever a player scores a three pointer or makes the ball fly into the crowd for a handsome home run.
The world of sports betting is very huge to say the least; and with a great multitude of websites and betting options available from all possible corners, including every major online casino, the entire thing can get slightly tricky for the beginners.

In fact, sports betting or bookmaking services offered by online casinos are giving a tough competition to some of the seasoned casino offerings like roulette, craps, baccarat, slots, poker and others. More and more off-line and online casino visitors are using their bankroll for placing sports bets these days.
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Let’s go over a detailed overview of online sports betting to understand:
– How to ensure that you select the best sports betting website which is safe, reputed and in line with your requirements, enabling you to bet on your favourite sport. Furthermore, it should also offer you the right value for your bets.
– How to make safe deposits into your accounts with these websites and make the most of the ongoing promotions, such as Bet365 bonus etc.
– Which all bet types you can expect.
– How is it that lines and odds work and why it may be impossible for you to beat the bookmakers without obtaining the best odds?
– Different sports events you can bet and profit from, on the Internet.

You can easily move on to finding value in your bets once you have all these basics covered. Doing so will ensure that you stand a very good chance of walking away with handsome profits too.

How to place bets on the Internet? How to choose the right bookmaker or sports book?
Considering that there are so many different portals vying for your business, selecting the right bookmaker is no easy task by any means. Furthermore, if you’re not an EU or UK resident, this task can get even more complicated for you as you may have to engage offshore bookmakers (although there are some excellent ones out there) in that case.
One of the major problems that the EU or UK based punters face is that there are just too many choices when it comes to placing bets. With every big brand fighting for your business, it is best to go with reputed online bookies which offer a good mix of promotions (sign-up Bet365 bonus etc.) and betting options to suit your needs.

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Here’s how you can narrow down your search:
First, you must ensure that the website you plan to do business with has a solid reputation. Practically speaking, the online casino or bookmaker should have been in the market for at least 5 years and should not have been involved in any major scandal. In addition, this bookmaker should hold an operating licence issued by the concerned jurisdiction and be prompt in making payments. It’d be a waste of your time to do business with any sports book that fails any of these criteria.
Second, you must narrow down your search based on the sports events you wish to bet on. As this can be a fairly long list, ensure that your online casino or bookmaker offers extensive options. For instance, while some sports books have a huge racebook section, catering specifically to horseracing enthusiasts, others specialise in games such as football (including specials or props). Please note, it may take you a good amount of time to acquaint yourself with different bookmakers if you’re new to the world of sports betting. Following are some excellent sports books you can place bets with: Bet365 (which also offers an attractive Bet365 bonus), Betfair, Matchbook, Titan Bet Sports, Ladbrokes etc.

Online betting strategy – One which can make you money!
There are couple of important areas covered in this section – one, how to not get blinded by all the hype, and make the most of promotions and bonuses; second, how to deposit and withdraw money in a safe manner into/from the online casino / bookmaker.

About promotions and bonuses
As the sports betting industry has become extremely competitive in the modern times, you’re most likely to be greeted with a handsome deposit bonus (for instance, Bet365 bonus) at the time of signing up with a bookmaker.
You’d be better served by familiarising yourself with the workings of such promotions and bonuses in order to compare them better and locate the best ones.
Please keep in mind that every bonus would normally have a rollover requirement (normally referred to as play through or wagering). It basically refers to the times you’d be required to place bets, using both your deposit as well as the bonus amount, before the bonus become available to you for withdrawal purposes.
For instance, if you start out by making a £ 100 deposit at an online casino, and are provided a 50% bonus of the deposit amount (equalling £ 50), with a 5 times rollover requirement, it implies that you’ll need to bet a total of £ 750 (that is £ 150 multiplied by 5) before the bonus amount becomes available for withdrawal purposes. It’s highly recommended that you go through all these terms and conditions very carefully, so that you’re sure about the bonus’ workings. Quite obviously, such match-up bonuses for the initial deposits are one of the many benefits or attractions of sports books, so you must also look out for other things like no loss bets (or free bets), in play bets, mobile extras, loyalty point collections and more.

Here’s a golden rule you can use when comparing such bonuses:
Welcome bonuses offered by online bookmakers are normally exhausted fairly quickly. Hence, what counts the most is the rewards and promotions for long-term/loyal players. Not to forget the quality of lines or odds offered by the bookmakers. Go with a bookmaker that seriously looks after its players, instead of one that only has a big upfront bonus. This’ll ensure that you get rewarded throughout your business with that sports book.

Withdrawal and deposit process
Now that you have selected an online bookmaker, you’ll need to register with it and make your first deposit. In most cases, it is as simple as filling up an online form and providing basic details like name, phone number, email ID, address and then email verification. You may also be asked to send your identification details when you make a withdrawal for the first time. Hence, make sure that all information you provide at the time of filling up this online form is accurate. Once this form is filled, you’ll be set to fund your account.
Most sports books that are based out of United Kingdom and Europe offer a wide range of deposit and withdrawal options. Majority of reputed sports books like Bet365, Betfair etc. accept/offer MasterCard, Visa, Neteller, Skrill and Paypal payment/withdrawal options, apart from providing local options such as Webmoney, Ecopays and UKcash. You’re also free to make deposits or withdrawals via bank wire transfers for large amounts.
Once you’ve successfully opened an account with your preferred online casino or bookmaker and have deposited some funds, it’d time to go over different bet types available with that sports book.

Different types of bets you can place online
There are various types of bets you can place online, and we’ll broadly divide them into four different categories. Furthermore, the names used for these bet types may vary from country to country. These bet types are:
Futures bets – Such bets are based on predictions related to the eventual winner of a particular sports event. A nice example of this would be betting on the eventual English Premier League winners, before the start of the season.
Prop bets – These bets can be placed on different possibilities within a game, which don’t actually depend on the eventual outcome of the event. For instance, you may bet on a particular cricket player scoring a certain number of runs in a cricket match, or if a particular soccer player would score a certain number of goals in a soccer match or not.
Game bets – By far the most popular of all bet types, these bets involve a wide range of betting opportunities. Game bets normally include bets like the point spreads, wherein you make predictions on favourites winning by more than the money line or point spread, where you’re not just predicting the winner of the match, but also the totals. Hence, you mainly gamble on whether the overall points or goals scored in a sports event would be under or over the stated money line.
In play or live betting – These bets are placed when a sports event is already running. As the game dynamics may change every moment, the lines and odds also change very rapidly in such markets, especially during the closing stages of the event.

Different types of betting odds in online sports betting
Visit any online casino / bookmaker and you’ll come across one of the following three major odd types:
Decimal odds – Easily the most straightforward odds system of all, this one simply involves multiplying your stake with the odds, to find out the total possible returns. For instance, placing a £ 10 wager at odds of 1.80 will earn you a total return of £ 18.
Fractional odds – When you opt for fractional odds, you’ll come across figures like 12/8 or 6/1, in which the denominator represents the amount you’d need to bet to win the amount in the numerator. For instance, placing a £ 10 bet at fractional odds of 6/1 would win you £ 60 (total £ 70 return). On the other hand, betting £ 8 at odds of 12/8 would win you £ 12 (total return of £ 20).
American odds – These odds normally feature a number having a minus or a plus prefix. The plus figure is the actual amount you stand to win by betting £ 100. For instance, if you bet on a sports outcome having +120 odds, it implies that you’ll win £ 120 by betting £ 100 on it. Your total returns would be £ 220. But if the odds were -120 instead, you’d have needed to bet £ 120, in order to win £ 100.
The size of your bets is entirely up to you, regardless of the odds format you go with. Whichever bet type you use, your payouts will be on a pro rata basis.

Different online sports betting markets
Visit any online casino / bookmaker and you’ll find some of the most popular betting markets offered on its homepage. Normally, these markets are about popular televised events, based on popular leagues like English Premier League, Spanish Football League etc.
Apart from that, you’ll also come across a good range of other sports events, with some of the biggest betting favourites like horse racing, boxing/UFC, tennis, golf, cricket, formula 1 and more. In most cases, you’ll discover that if a particular sports event is on, you’ll most likely be able to wager on it, especially if it’d being broadcasted.

Final thoughts
We hope this write-up has given you a fair overview of sports betting on the Internet. Considering the huge amount of bookmakers that have emerged over the past decades, the number of betting opportunities online have become limitless. All in all, you should bet only with the reputed online bookmakers who have a good track record of making timely payments, for instance the likes of Bet365, Betfair, Matchbook etc.